About Us

Introducing Xero

Xero is an accounting system hosted entirely in the cloud for small businesses and their advisors. This means that wherever you have an internet connection, you and your advisor has access to your accounts. There’s no ball and chain quite like having to only work from your desk. With Xero however, it doesn’t matter if you want to access your accounts from the office or from home in your pyjamas. You can work on your accounts at a time that suits you!

A rising movement

Xero’s popularity is increasing daily. So is the momentum of the hundreds of thousands of small business owners across the globe that are using Xero in their businesses. With in excess of 500,000 paying users and over 9,000 partners (accountants, bookkeepers, advisors, add-ons) it is clear that Xero is rapidly gaining market share and a radical following.

Bringing it all together

There’s a wealth of information out there, including hundreds of blogs and forums along with the recently launched Xero TV and Xero University. But we realised as Xero users that we haven’t always got the time to go and search and look at all of those resources.

Our aim at XU Magazine is to bring together the very best information and articles into one magazine, to save Xero users from hours of time searching on the internet.

We’re excited to announce XU Magazine

XU Magazine is the independent magazine run by Xero users, for Xero users. The magazine is aimed at the ever growing 500,000+ strong community of Xero users and will be delivered worldwide in print.

A beautifully printed magazine

Its quality glossy format will captivate readers and keep them turning the page. XU Magazine is currently printed quarterly and delivered straight to the office or homes of our readers.

This year, do more with Xero

Do more than you thought possible

Useful content you can expect from the magazine includes:

Feature Articles

XU Magazine’s feature length articles are thoughtful, insightful, educational and informative. They will cover a wide range of topics that will provoke readers to explore the Xero accounting system and add-ons in greater depth.


Exploring not only the basics but also advanced subjects. We focus on not only what can be done, but also how it’s done. Tutorials are written in simple to follow steps and in plain English to appeal to all Xero users.


Independently reviewing Xero approved add-ons and other 3rd party software applications.

Short news

These are shorter articles in the magazine, intended to bring attention to interesting developments that are of interest to the Xero user community that may not warrant an entire regular article.

Sounding board

We pick a topic and invite both Xero users and industry experts to share what they have they say. One for the Devs. Code snippets, tips, tricks and how-tos.

And Much Much More!!!