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Chaser – your invoices paid: on time, automatically


At Chaser, our mission is to build Earth’s best products for chasing customers to pay their invoices on time. We strive to help businesses efficiently and easily avoid the scourge of late payment.

We know that polite persistence pays when it comes to invoice chasing. Our product enables you to automate the process of chasing up customers over email.

What would you do if doing this manually?

We know from our Finance Director experience that chasing emails shouldn’t look and feel automated. If they do, your customers ascribe them a lot less weight and are much less likely to take the desired action of paying your invoice. An overarching principle in building our product has been to replicate as far as possible what you would do if you were sending these chasing emails manually.

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About the author

David Tuck, CEO & Co-founder of Chaser

David started his career with Deloitte where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser. He subsequently headed finance teams for a small drinks business and a travel social network, both of whom sold on payment terms. David currently runs chaser, and is always eager to talk about all things chasing related.