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Meet: MinuteDock


Jared, the CEO and Co- founder of MinuteDock, a Xero-connected time tracking application talks to XU Magazine about the ‘connected cloud’ philosophy of Xero as a platform. He discusses the benefits of connected SMB software and why this is critical to your business. He ties this into the story & solution behind what MinuteDock has created on top of the financial platform that Xero has built for SMBs

In 2009, Xero was only a few years old and had less than 10,000 customers, but we saw that what Xero was building with their “connected cloud” philosophy was going to be a gamechanger for both us and thousands of other SMBs. As software consultants, we needed to track the time we spent working for clients, and invoice that at the end of the month. The issue was that, even just a few years ago, most SMB software wasn’t “connected”. The timesheet software that we were using was clunky, and we had to spend hours copying details from our timesheets into Xero to bill our customers. It was a total pain, and it was costing us money.

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About the author

Jared Armstrong, CEO of MinuteDock

Jared is the Co-founder and CEO of MinuteDock, an online time tracking product based in Wellington, New Zealand. As a Software Engineering graduate from Victoria University in Wellington who’s had an entrepreneurial bent from a young age, Jared has been building web-based software since he was still at school! He’s a keen rugby fan, gamer, business and tech enthusiast, bringing a unique combination of both business and technology experience to the table. He has been using Xero and developing software with the Xero API since 2009, and was one of the Xero API Developers of the Year for 2013.