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Meet Quotient: the incredibly simple quoting system


Quotient is self funded and has grown organically at a respectable pace. Vink says “Money was never an issue. For the first seven months everyone was on an unlimited free trial. Although this wasn’t a marketing tactic, it was simply because we hadn’t built our automated billing system yet and this wasn’t a feature customers were crying out for.” Money is even less of an issue now, in the last 12 months their monthly revenue has increased 198%. This is what they told us…

Many businesses need to produce quotes for their products and services. It’s so important, yet there are many sticking points. Methods of delivering quotes are wide and varied. Some are just verbal, others handwritten. Some still send faxes, others slap a few figures together in an email message. And then there are those who send big bloated email attachments, often as Word or Excel documents, requiring the correct software in order to view.

Quoting is difficult.

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About the author

Nathan Carter, Quotient

Quotient Co-Founders Dale Vink and Nathan Carter, both aged 36 (at the time of printing issue 01), have been in the web industry since before dial-up internet was a “thing”. They started out with their web design studio (Black Sheep) back in 2003, which exposed them to the need for decent systems amongst small teams, just like theirs. So a few years ago they set about building ‘the best quoting system in the world’. They’re on a neverending quest for perfection and fuss over the tiniest of details, yet they do what they do because they love nothing more than hearing about how much Quotient is helping people in their businesses every day