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Meet Sqrl: the hunting and gathering app


I like to start simple when introducing Sqrl for the first time. So let’s begin with the simplest version possible, how I describe Sqrl to strangers at the pub.

“Ever get tired of following up with people, you know, if you send bulleted emails asking for tons of stuff? Sqrl automates that process.”

And each time, the stranger replies, “Ooooooooh I totally have that problem.”

I used to be shocked, but now I nod my head up and down, in preparation for hearing their version of the ‘I hate following up for this…’ story.

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About the author

Craig Baldwin, CMO of Sqrl

Craig is one of Sqrl‘s Co-Founders. Before his current adventure with Sqrl he was in large public accounting, and a co-founder of Xero partner firm, Upsourced Accounting. He fancies himself a BBQ enthusiast and purveyor of vintage of cocktails. Connect with Craig on twitter.