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Smart appointments


Negotiis is a suburban accounting practice in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne with a client database of around 1,800 clients. As we have about 1,500 individual clients, some of whom have been with us for over 20 years, you can imagine that the July to October period can be very hectic in our office as these clients need to arrange a 30 minute appointment with one of our staff to prepare and lodge their individual tax returns.

Over the years even with 4 incoming telephone lines our clients became frustrated with getting a time that suited their commitments and having to leave a message on our voicemail after hours and then wait for a return phone call.

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About the author

Ron Holman, Director at Negotiis

Ron Holman is a director and Senior Accountant at Negotiis. Each year when tax season comes around Ron makes it his mission to unearth all the allowable tax deductions he can for you. Ron is one of the rare breed of people who actually looks forward to tax season! To him it’s like playing chess and Ron is our grand master.
For more than 30 years Ron’s focus has been to get the very best tax outcomes for his clients by maximising refunds and providing invaluable wealth protection and creation advice.