XU Magazine - Issue 02

Zero to One by Peter Thiel


I normally attack business books by reading a few chapters and then dipping in and out when I have time. This book is different.

Peter Thiel is so knowledgeable that I needed to keep reading to see what wisdom he was going to impart next, or what decision he next made on his business journey. I actually felt privileged that he was sharing his thoughts and logic with me. Peter Thiel started PayPal in 1998, and invested in Facebook in 2004, where he is still a director, and was an early investor in Xero – so he certainly has some tales to tell.

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Sharon Pocock, Principal Accountant and MD of Kinder Pocock

Sharon Pocock FCCA has been working in the Accounting world for a quarter of a century. She founded Kinder Pocock ten years ago, saying “Kinder Pocock CCA dispel the myth that accountants and tax advisors are boring, grey suited and at times intimidating! We are a modern and friendly firm of accountants based in Herefordshire.