XU Magazine - Issue 03

Book review: Adding A Xero To Your Practice


Almost every accountant I work with lately is talking to the Profitable Firm about Xero. Far from being ‘the latest fad’, Xero is now recognised as a tool that can make not only your accountancy firm, but your clients’ businesses, better in just about every way.

I love Xero and what it does for accountants. I also love writing and am a voracious reader. So being invited by XU Magazine to read a book about how Xero helps accountancy firms, and write about it, was a perfect fi t in every way.

‘Adding a Xero to your practice’ is written by an accountant who is now an expert in Xero, and an expert in accounting technology. See the key word there? Expert.

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About the author

Karen Reyburn, MD, the Profitable Firm

Karen is the incumbent Managing Director at The Profitable Firm, a consultant company working with Accountancy firms to improve promotion, marketing and business growth.