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Clever credit control


Clever Credit Control means taking advantage of integrated credit risk data to avoid problems before they arise.

How would your clients cope if their biggest customer went bankrupt tomorrow? Are any of your clients overexposed to their riskiest customers? For most small businesses the loss of a major customer with outstanding invoices would at the very minimum put a severe strain on their cashflow and at worst quite possibly result in their own bankruptcy.

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About the author

Steven Renwick, CEO of Satago

Steven Renwick is the Founder & CEO of Satago, clever credit control software that helps businesses get paid faster. He started Satago after experiencing the problem of latepaying customers in his family business in the construction sector and deciding to build something to help tackle the problem. Satago automates the process of chasing customers for payment through automated statements, escalating email reminders and posted payment demand letters. Satago recently partnered with Experian to make integrated credit risk data easily accessible to Xero users.