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I predict a Riut! Small business services in the cloud

Written by Staff Writer

Can a one person startup really run a global manufacturing business in the cloud? Sarah Giblin, founder of Riut, shares her five favourite cloud based services which helped her take user focussed design philosophy and revolutionary rucksack from a sketch this time last year, to a RiutBag on users’ backs in just 12 months.

When you start your business, you’re predicting that you can do it. Sarah predicts a Riut: a Revolution in user thinking. She believes users are the best people to spot problems and come up with simple solutions to fix them. In fact, she believes this so strongly, she named her business Riut pronounced “riot”, which stands for Revolution In User Thinking, and her first product the RiutBag. More than ever, users starting small businesses have all the online tools available to them to start and run a fully functioning successful, global business.

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About the author

Staff Writer

Sarah Giblin is the founder of Riut and the creator of the RiutBag. Sarah decided that the conventional rucksack had a flaw: the person behind you can get into your rucksack better than you can :/ So she turned the rucksack round to create the RiutBag. With no design background she took the idea from a sketch to a trading startup with over 1,000 people now using the RiutBag in one year. She believes users of products can find useful innovation in the things big companies have forgotten about.