XU Magazine - Issue 03

Journey from mum’s desktop to Xero’s Add-on Marketplace

Written by Jeremy Kwong-Law

Vistr is a free addon to automatically forecast cash fl ow and access loans to grow your business. The business started in Sydney, and became an offi cial Xero add-on in June 2014. It has been accumulating customers throughout Australia, NZ, UK and Asia with their unique offering – a free Xero add-on. XU Magazine sat down with cofounder and CEO Jeremy Kwong-Law to ask him about their journey from start to now.

Mum’s desktop frustrations

In late 2013, my mum asked me to help her forecast how much cash she needed to expand her business. Having spent 7 years in Investment Banking, forecasting the cash flow of multi-billion dollar businesses, building a cash flow forecast in Excel is pretty easy for me.

After producing the Excel forecast for Mum, we realised that my Excel was way too complicated, took forever to update, and was always crashing on her computer.

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About the author

Jeremy Kwong-Law

Jeremy Kwong-Law (@jeremykwonglaw) is the co-founder / CEO of Vistr, an alumni to Telstra’s startup accelerator muru-D. Prior to Vistr, Jeremy spent 7 years in investment banking for Macquarie Bank and Rabobank, advising large corporations on buying other businesses or selling divisions of their company.