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Meet: Guy Pearson

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We spoke to Guy Pearson, CEO and founder of Practice Ignition, an Australian company that helps accounting practices to streamline and grow their business. Guy shared with us his story how he managed to launch five startups in five years. Some have been successful, some not so much, and some he is still waiting on…

My interest in accounting started from an early age and is probably the best way to frame the path that eventually lead me to start Practice Ignition. It all started with a summer internship at 16 that lead to a job offer in accounting before I finished high school. I worked steadily in mid tier all through university and for a few years after. In 2009 I pulled the classic Aussie manoeuvre of “I’m dropping this and traveling around the world for a year.” Pouring beer and treading water for a few months led me right back to accounting and startup number one.

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About the author

Staff Writer

Guy Pearson has more than a decade’s experience in professional practice and is a Chartered Accountant. Before Practice Ignition he founded and grew Interactive Accounting and Your Modern Practice. Guy’s extremely passionate about providing small business owners with better information and better advice.