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Staying ahead of the curve


The future is bright, the future for the next generation accounting firm is expert, cloud-based and interconnected.

George Soros had a philosophy that every decision we make has a fatal flaw and as a business we have to focus on where that flaw is; recognising the flaw is the first step, taking action or not to correct the flaw it is the next step.

Concentration on particular fee earning activities such as compliance can lead to concentration risk, particularly when technology is eroding the fee margins so it may well be worthwhile to evaluate your overall engagement strategy to ensure that you have a balanced portfolio of products and services to meet your partnership fee aspirations and your client needs.

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About the author

Bruce Campbell, Chairman of addMASS.

Bruce (chairman of addMass) is a passionate technology consultant with almost 20 years business management experience. With a proven track record in business development as operations director, financial manager and as a company director, Bruce is passionate about new technologies particularly those which live in the cloud.