XU Magazine - Issue 03

The No. 1 challenge for small business?

Written by Sarah Jones

“The No. 1 challenge for small and start-up businesses”, says Sarah Jones, “is time”. Sarah founded Moneypad Accountants in Bagshot, Surrey, in February 2014, to provide an innovative accountancy service to small businesses in the south of England. Here she explains how partnering with Xero has helped her to help her clients face their biggest challenge – and seen her practice grow dramatically in just one year.

People start their own businesses, Sarah observes, because they want to do something they love doing. Be that baking cakes, building houses, creating wedding bouquets, cutting hair or whatever they feel passionate about. And then they find themselves spending a huge proportion of their time and energy on sales, marketing, management and a myriad of administrative tasks which they don’t enjoy doing, don’t feel they’re cut out for and never seem to get finished. All of which rather defeats the original objective!

Enter Xero.

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About the author

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones is Founder of Moneypad Accountants in Bagshot, Surrey, UK. All her life, the people closest to Sarah have been running their own businesses. This has given her a real desire to support owner-managed businesses – and insights into the support that they need.