XU Magazine - Issue 03

While you were sleeping


Automatically transfer sales information into Xero every day. As many businesses can attest, moving sales information from point A to point B is no small feat.

Specifically, transferring sales information from the point of purchase into accounting software is a deceptively difficult task. And yet, every small business owner needs to count the beans as they say. Commerce Sync eases this burdensome task by transferring sales information into Xero – automatically, everyday, while you are getting a well-deserved rest. Over the last year, small business owners nationwide have recognised the timesaving and error-minimising benefits Commerce Sync offers.

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About the author

Charlie Wilson, President & CEO of IP Commerce

Charlie is President and CEO of IP Commerce, a company that develops innovative products and services that automate business processes for small and medium sized businesses. Prior to IP Commerce, he held various senior management positions at Visa and Green Dot, and he has more than 15 years of experience in payments and commerce.