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Why would a website builder be at an accounting conference?


Rocketspark is an online website builder and at our first Xerocon Rod Drury, Xero’s CEO, asked us a direct question – why are you at an accounting conference? It was a fair question as accountants and bookkeepers are not widely known for making their own websites. Selling websites to accountants and bookkeepers is not the reason we attend Xerocons.

We come to Xerocon because we know that good accountants and bookkeepers are business advisors who are involved in a client’s business beyond just doing annual accounts, payroll and tax returns. A modern business advisor will introduce their clients to the tools and processes that can help their client succeed.

Rocketspark is one of these tools that can help your clients improve their business through the creation of a professional and effective website. However, getting a nice new website is just one part of the online equation. Harnessing the wider range of Xero add-ons that connect into a Rocketspark website is where significant performance and efficiency gains can be achieved.

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About the author

Grant Johnson, Co-Founder, RocketSpark

Grant is a Director at RocketSpark, an online website building tool based in New Zealand and the UK. Grant has held a number of high profile roles in other companies over the course of a varied career.