XU Magazine - Issue 04

Digital Disruption: why accounting should be embracing the trend

Written by Bruce Coombes

“Digital disruption”… “Connectivity”… “Innovation”… “Integration”…

It would be difficult to pick up the business section of any Australian newspaper these days without coming across some of these new (and not so new) buzzwords.

This growing trend towards digitalisation across all sorts of industries can be summed up by an even newer and even more buzzier buzzword: “fintech”.

Created by the marrying of two commercial superpowers – finance and technology – in its simplest form “fintech” involves the use of software to provide financial services…

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About the author

Bruce Coombes

Bruce knows accountants. But after 30+ years’ experience in Asian and Australian tax, outsourcing to Malaysia, CA programme exam writing, public practice, board appointments and more, he noticed accountants had a big problem: clients often took a long time to pay. Chasing payment was time-consuming and relationship damaging, so Bruce founded a solution. QuickFee is a Professional Fee Funding service that pays the invoices of accounting firms within 3 business days, while allowing their clients to pay in instalments.