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Going Global: How Xero changes the game


Most XU Magazine readers will recognise Xero not only as an increasingly comprehensive accounting solution but also the centre of a vibrant and supportive community of users, business advisors and developers. This is due in large part to the development of Xero as a platform which has led to a proliferation of complementary add-ons. So, if you’ve spotted an opportunity to extend Xero…

Distribution models change all the time in business. Only a few years ago it would have been ridiculous to contemplate buying your home insurance from the same place as your groceries, purchasing event tickets from a phone you carry around in your pocket, or reconciling your bank account and chasing your outstanding invoices from the beach.

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Mark Woodbridge, co-founder and CTO, Chaser (

Mark Woodbridge is the co-founder and CTO of Chaser ( He has over 15 years experience of developing software for informatics and data analysis in both academia and industry, including developing Financial Trading Systems at Reuters Group PLC.