XU Magazine - Issue 04

Multi-entity reporting for Xero

Written by David Watson

It’s no secret that Xero provides singleentity businesses with significant efficiency gains. Before Xero, a lot of valuable time was spent keeping accounts up-to-date. But now, this time can be reallocated to activities that help steer a business towards competitive success.

While it may not be as widely known, Xero also provides considerable benefits for multi-entity organisations such as franchises, schools, churches and clubs.

For example, Xero provides franchisors with easy access to the financials for the entire franchise network. Or for organisations with international operations, using Xero helps management to keep an eye on each operation, regardless of where they are in the world. By leveraging the power of the cloud, Xero aids the operational effectiveness of these businesses by helping them run better connected operations.

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About the author

David Watson

David is the cofounder of Fathom, a Xero reporting Add-on. Fathom is on a mission to provide advisors and business owners with beautiful performance reports and timely business insights.