XU Magazine - Issue 04

Revolutionising accounting one installation at a time

Written by Jo Milton MSc

The Xero Add- On market will revolutionize the world of accounting and the software developers that service it, just like Apple’s App Store and Salesforce’s AppExchange revolutionized their respective markets.

Understanding the impact of Apple’s App Store is easier because it personally changed our buying habits. When we need a baby monitor, or want to start dating, or are stuck in traffic, we turn to our smart phone. Even something as mundane as a torch (or flashlight, if you prefer) is no longer purchased at a hardware store, but is instead a smartphone app. Had you claimed, 25 years ago, that a torch is downloadable software available wirelessly, you would have been labeled certifiable crazy; now it’s self-evident.

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About the author

Jo Milton MSc

Jo is the CFO of Daddy Donkey Labs which builds Salesforce Apps. Jo has now been involved in several start ups and has a background as a financial analyst for a VC firm. In her spare time Jo enjoys skiing, sailing and eating lovely food with friends.