XU Magazine - Issue 04

Working smarter with IT in your business 21st century bookkeeping, accounting and business processes by Kevin Salter

Written by Lindsay Hassall

When I picked up this book called ‘Working smarter with IT in your business’ I was eager to see what I could learn to enable our own business to work smarter and so save time and increase profit. I was not disappointed and was taken on a journey that I did not expect but was pleased I had taken. I was interested in the processes he might suggest as I have spent the last eight months in our own business trying to implement more efficient processes. (I wish I had read this eight months ago!)

The book focuses on Xero and its add-on partners but is not about how to use Xero. It is about how Xero can help you work smarter. It talks primarily about Xero but is not restricted to Xero. It is about the cloud and the future of which Xero is a part. It is not just about the future but also about using what is already available to us now. Kevin challenges us to ask do we have the key information we need at our fingertips? Are we fully using the information and technology we have?

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About the author

Lindsay Hassall

After his degree in Business Studies specialising in Organisation & Methods he went on to Cambridge where he studied Theology and became an ordained Minister of Religion. After various managerial positions in businesses ranging from the creative industry, not for profit and logistics he cofounded DHBS which is now a thriving family business.