XU Magazine - Issue 05

A cloud inter-what?

Written by Sarah Pilling

With the launch of the cloud Integration channel by Xero, many accountants and business owners are asking, what is a cloud integrator, and why do we need one?

Sarah Pilling explains the role of the cloud integrator in the Xero family of advisors…

Who are cloud integrators?

Cloud integrators in the Xero space tend to be former Accountants. These were the early adopters of Xero, and have every app imaginable on their phone! Obsessed with tech and problem solving, they help businesses learn how to automate. With the thankless tasks taken care of, business owners can refocus.

The critical role of a cloud integrator is to understand your business. Using technology, they streamline your business by moving it online. A common misconception is that a cloud integrator installs Vend or Kounta and Xero and that’s it. My goal, is to make you able to do any key function of your business from an iPad, anywhere.

Why do we need a cloud integrator channel?

Xero formally launched their cloud integration channel at Melbourne Xerocon 2015. Xero recognised that the add-on space had grown to need subject matter experts. Many apps are easy to signup and use, but are not always the optimal solution for every client.

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About the author

Sarah Pilling

Sarah is the Cloud Integration Partner at Melbourne practice Bramble & Briar. Owner of three businesses, Sarah leverages cloud technology to be active in each business. Automating and eliminating is Sarah’s mantra, as it buys SME’s both time and insight.