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Q&A With Gary Turner

Gary Turner, Xero Managing Director
Written by Staff Writer

Q Xero had very simple beginnings here in the UK, how quickly did you grow?

A For the first three years while our UK business was just a start-up we operated a very small, tight-knit team in the UK while we built up to a healthy baseline of around 10,000 or so customers. I think in the first year we added something like a few hundred UK customers, so it took a while to build up some momentum.

Q At what point did you decide you needed to move out of the home office?

A At the back end of 2011 and after we had proven we could get some early traction, I decided it was time to add some more capacity to the existing team of around seven people which then would mean that working from home was coming to an end as an option. Remote working is a great way to get something off the ground but once you get into double figures of staff, you need to start co-locating people as the business grows.

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