XU Magazine - Issue 05

Social Entrepreneurs looking for Numbers in the Cloud

Written by Mick Devine

Looking to the Cloud for efficiencies, mobility and savings is the current buzz. Finding a top-notch and workable solution for the less “sexy” stuff like accounting is just what Pollinators Inc. have successfully done…

As a community of collaborators and profit-for-purpose organisation, Pollinators do a range of things to create an ‘ecosystem of support’ for social entrepreneurs and social ventures. Being based in remote Australia’s Midwest of WA, means connectivity is paramount.

Accounting in the Cloud

Since their inception, Pollinators have used Xero as their accounting system and EO Andrew Outhwaite says “it really suits our working style. We have a mix of parttime staff and contractors and our board members travel a lot. Being able to access our accounts from anywhere is critical”.

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About the author

Mick Devine

CPA Mick Devine has a long history of working in the Not-for-Profit sector as treasurer, board member, consultant and advisor.

Frustration with spreadsheets as reporting tools led him to develop Calxa; now the most widely used budgeting and financial reporting software in the NFP sector in Australia and New Zealand.

Calxa is donated to small and medium NFPs through Connecting Up’s donation program.