XU Magazine - Issue 05

The Good Cloud

Resco living screen shot-CMYK
Written by Grant Johnson

How Xero and Friends are helping good people do good.

Rocketspark has been a Xero customer since Jan 2012 and a Xero add-on partner with our e-commerce integration since December 2013. We enjoy being part of the wider Xero community and our business has benefited from both using Xero and from collaborating with Xero and our add-on peers.

Part of being a good community is looking out for others and helping those who need a hand. Behind the scenes Xero and a variety of add ons within the Xero ecosystem are being used by charities and social enterprises to save time and money. One such example is Resco in London.

Breaking the cycle of unemployment

Resco aims to break the cycle of long term unemployment by creating work experience opportunities in social enterprise ventures. As Resco has developed new ventures they have adopted a range of tools within the wider Xero ecosystem and is a great case study of how Xero and various add-ons are helping Resco streamline their business operations.

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About the author

Grant Johnson

Grant is a co-founder of Rocketspark, a beautifully simple website builder that enables non-technical business owners to make their own website. Prior to founding Rocketspark Grant worked in marketing roles but his first job was as an accountant. Grant mentors at Resco.