XU Magazine - Issue 05

The Sketchnote Handbook

Written by Karen Reyburn

If you do not consider yourself an artist, but would like to better capture the ideas you gather every day, this is the book for you.

(If you are an artist, buy it now. End of review, thank you for joining us.) Taking notes is something that most of us do – in conferences, events, business meetings, during a webinar, on the phone with a client. We’ve realised the truth that we are 40% more likely to remember something if we write it down – even if we simply crumple it up and throw it away afterwards.

But does your note taking actually result in action?

“Sketchnoting” is a visual form of note taking that I discovered in June 2014, and I was instantly hooked. I saw the work of Mike Rohde on Twitter, and was fascinated by the visual element of his note-taking.

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About the author

Karen Reyburn

Karen Reyburn is a creative-minded individual who specialises in online marketing for accountancy firms. A former accountant (and a Certified Public Accountant in the States), Karen set up The Profitable Firm to work exclusively with modern, digitally minded accountants who want to use online marketing to their best advantage. She and her team use remote and virtual working to help accountancy firms all over the globe.

Twitter: @ProfitableFirm