XU Magazine - Issue 06

Add-on partners benefit from Integration

Written by Jose Mathias

For software vendors like Timely that integrate with Xero, partners are a vital way to bring in new customers. There’s more value in a small business signing up for Timely through a partner that will also get them set up in Xero, and other SaaS products that will improve their business lives.

That’s not to say a business owner won’t sign up to Xero and other services on their own, and many do. But when an advisor shows them how these services integrate to cut down on admin time, utilisation of essential features increases enormously.

We sat down with Anthony Rohan from Enspiral Accounting, a boutique accountancy firm situated in the same city that Xero originated in – Wellington.

Can you tell me a little about Enspiral Accounting?

Enspiral Accounting provides professional accounting services to individuals and organisations who value social responsibility. We’re all about mixing good business with social impact and are hugely passionate about supporting organisations from start-ups to social enterprises to charities and non-profits. We’re part of the wider Enspiral community which is sort of a “DIY” social enterprise support network.

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About the author

Jose Mathias

Jose writes about Timely and how it helps small business owners save time and money. Before joining the crew, he was running a magazine and a digital media business aimed at startups in NZ.