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Climbing higher – Q & A with Kevin Mann, Tidy

Climbing Higher - Kevin Mann - XU Magazine - Issue 06
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CEO Kevin Mann and the Tidy team are aiming to climb higher this year along with their customers and partners. We talked to Kevin about how this company is moving upwards…

Q Could you explain a bit about the philosopy behind Tidy?

A The name Tidy reflects the simplicity we are bringing out in our software. We have a vast range of customers and find that a large number of the smaller businesses have, necessarily, quite complex business processes. Conversely a lot of the larger businesses can be relatively quite simple. You would expect small businesses to always be simple and large ones more complex, however we have learnt during the last six years that is not an assumption you can make. Tidy’s philosophy is to continually assist every business by simplifying and streamlining their operational processes. We believe this contributes greatly towards productivity, less errors, clearer business monitoring and management and, consequently, greater profitability.

A huge effort goes into making the functionality and the Tidy user experience simple. Apple devices are probably the most widely visible example of the sheer effort that goes into creating simplicity. The new Microsoft Surface tablets and Xero software are other examples. The time and cost of creating a very simple and easy to use interface and what’s behind that interface is massive. We totally embrace that simplicity within our products and we get a lot of good feedback from customers about how easy Tidy software is to use yet how it can deal with their really complex business problems and situations.

Another principle behind Tidy software is to enable each user to see only what they need to in order to fully do their job. This is not to hide information, but too much information that is not relevant to them becomes clutter and complicates things. We are always looking for ways to remove that information clutter. We like to understand how each person needs to operate to do their job and at the same time how they can efficiently work with the Tidy software. Understanding their perspective is always how we like to work with them.

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Interview with Kevin Mann, CEO of Tidy, by XU Magazine Editor Jo Hardman.