XU Magazine - Issue 06

Xero Inventory Comparison Top 10 Tips

Written by Jeri Murphy

If you buy and sell products in your business, Xero’s inventory module could help you know exactly what you have in stock, what you need and how much your stock is worth at any point in time. This XU Try-It Tutorial takes you through the fundamentals managing your inventory with Xero so you can know exactly what’s going on with your stock at any time…

Xero Inventory vs the Xero Inventory Management Add-ons

Firstly it’s important to understand what you can do within the Xero inventory module and what you can’t do. This will help you decide if you want to use Xero Inventory or if you need an inventory management add-on.

Top 10 Tips when Using Xero Inventory

Once you decide to use Xero to manage your inventory, you will want to know the best practices for using Xero to make managing your products as simple as possible. Here are my top 10 tips when using Xero Inventory.

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About the author

Jeri Murphy

Jeri is the founder of JeriMurphy.com, creator of Become An Expert Bookkeeper, a 12-week online course for Xero users wanting to learn Xero to an expert level, and a successful cloud integrator focused on assisting product-selling businesses with inventory add-ons. Jeri is a qualified accountant and has been training to an expert level on Xero and numerous Addons for over 5 years.