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5 things that Xero can make possible for business owners


How can Xero help business owners to keep running their business, especially when they’re off on holiday? Whilst off work looking after her 3 young kids during the school holidays, Hayley Bradshaw talks about what she managed to achieve from her phone…

It’s recently been the school holidays at our house, and I spent the majority of the period at home looking after our 3 kids. Now, they’re the sweetest in the world most of the time, but having a few minutes to myself is difficult to say the least! Amid the chaos that engulfs our house, as a busy mum/MD/marketer/ leader, etc., I still needed to work, mainly from the phone whilst at the park or other play area, and I still needed a grip on all of the business finances.

I decided this is by far the toughest challenge for Xero yet! – Can Xero really make any of my life as a business owner easy, especially when faced with the school holidays, with only a few minutes available each day to keep a grip on what’s happening, and to even do some work myself?

So, here are 5 things I successfully did during my days at home, from my phone, all whilst being Mum all day to my 3 little sweethearts:

I updated the purchase ledger

I received some invoices from our suppliers into my email inbox. Not many, but consisted of professional courses, internet and Google apps, so needed dealing with quickly. I simply forwarded them to my Xero files inbox (email address available top right side of the Xero files inbox screen), so when back at the desktop I can attach the documents to the transaction in Xero. No paper to deal with whatsoever, woo!

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About the author

Hayley Bradshaw, Progression Accountancy

Hayley Bradshaw is Group MD of Progression Accountancy. As well as being a 100% Xero Gold Partner and Xero raving fans, Progression also provides business planning, forecasting and budgeting support, as well as financial planning for the business and the business owners. Got a particular business system requirement, need a more robust business system or need detailed Xero training? Progression will sort all of this!