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Accountants as heroes

Written by Steve Pipe FCA

A new book called ‘The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants’ is raising a lot of eyebrows. And it’s easy to see why…

It features the inspiring case studies of 57 accounting practices from across the world who are generating outstanding results for themselves, their clients and the wider world. Case studies that show how other accountants can easily do the same. The hero premise Written by a research team led by Steve Pipe, the book’s core premise is that ‘Practicing accountants across the world are making an impact that is quite simply extraordinary in its range and scale. Indeed, the research here suggests that, apart from the medical profession, there is probably no other group making such a big difference to the lives of so many people. And certainly not to their businesses.’

The hero evidence The 57 case study firms come from every continent of the world, and are representative of the vast majority of the global profession in terms of size, structure, client and location. For example, 71% have one or two partners or teams of less than 10 people, they serve the same type of small and medium sized businesses that most accountants serve, they are run by accountants with all types of backgrounds, and even include recent start-ups.

And despite only looking at 57 of their clients, the book shows how they have helped to generate ALL of the following economic success:

• 19 businesses saved from extinction
• 4 new businesses launched – one of which grew to over £3 million in 24 months
• 562 jobs created or saved
• Sales increases of 33%, 169% and, in one case, £1.5 million
• Profit increases of 142%, 273% and, in at least one case, over £500,000
• Transforming cashflow – in one case turning £300,000 of borrowing into £600,000 positive cash balances
• Lifting clients out of ‘special measures’ and back into mainstream banking…

And much more we don’t have space to list here.

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About the author

Steve Pipe FCA

Steve Pipe FCA is the founder of AVN, a 200 strong association of proactive practices, and the free improveyourpractice.co.uk programme. In 2012 he was named ‘The world’s most highly rated advisor to accountants’ for having more recommendations (now over 480) on LinkedIn than any other adviser. Those recommendations also made him the most highly rated accountant in the world. He can be contacted via stevepipe.com