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Automated approval workflows with Xero and ApprovalMax


Simplicity is Key

As head of finance for a growing business, David Wieseneck works hard to keep things simple. When he joined Letgo as VP of Finance, he was tasked with getting the company’s finances in order and searched for a simple accounting system to provide the core functionality. For any reader of XU Magazine, his decision to implement Xero should come as no surprise. “Xero was a natural decision based on the simple yet robust feature set and the mobility that comes with a cloud solution.”

David believes simplicity is the key element to fostering a satisfying work environment. He explained that when things are pared down to their most basic parts there are less questions and fewer opportunities for error, “It was my initiative to build a transparent process for our managers when it came to approvals. They have an important job to focus on, and we don’t have time for training them on accounting software. If it is not simple, they just won’t use it.”

Complicated and Lengthy Approval Processes

However, David quickly discovered the approval process for bills had become far too time consuming and laborious. As the company’s operations grew so did the number of payment transactions.

David and his team had been using Xero for all Bill approvals, but he felt some essential features were missing: email notifications after an approval has been granted, multi-step approvals, and the possibility to reject a Bill. He also wanted the option of adding comments or questions to bills.

“The process was essentially emailing PDFs back and forth among various managers and the finance team every day to get the proper approvals. We were swimming in email. Everyone agreed, we needed a proper process outside of our inbox, without losing the mobility.” David thought there had to be a more elegant solution to solve this problem.

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Konstantin Bredyuk, ApprovalMax

As an experienced BPM expert, Konstantin has a strong focus on design and development of Business Applications which support Human Workflows. He is Co-founder and CEO at ApprovalMax, known for simple and easy to configure approval workflows in finance. Prior to ApprovalMax Konstantin served more than four years as Director of Product Management and Senior Product Manager at Comindware, taking care of vision, roadmap, product design and messaging. He held positions as Product Manager at NetCracker and Consultant in ESRI CIS. Konstantin holds a masters degree in Software Engineering and Economics.