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How to review a Xero file


Back in March 2015, I realised that what I was doing was different to many other Xero advisors. I realised that most Xero accountants and bookkeepers ask for access to a client’s Xero file as part of an initial free consultation in order to prepare a quote for the proposed bookkeeping or accounting services for that potential client…

In the meantime, I was being paid in advance for doing the exact same thing whilst at the same time building the relationship with the potential client and empowering them with the knowledge to solve the problems they were facing. It was at that time, I decided to share my process in a training course called ‘How to Review a Xero File’. I want to share the process with you in this article, so you can get started making money reviewing Xero files today.

If a client contacts you because their Xero file is not working for them, have you ever thought of providing them with a ‘review’ service, prepaid by them, in order for you to help them and for you to prove your expertise and build a relationship with them right from the start? Why just jump straight into explaining your fees when you don’t even know each other?

Here’s how I do it:

A client contacts me to let me know that they need Xero bookkeeping, training or help because they know their Xero file just ‘isn’t right’. I advise them that I can certainly help them and my suggestion is to provide them with a ‘Review and Repair’ service. I explain what this is – in brief:

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Jeri Murphy, WhichAddon.com

Jeri Murphy is the co-founder of WhichAddon.com and regularly interviews founders, experts and influential people in the Xero ecosystem with one purpose: to educate Xero advisors and business users on how to find the right Add-on and successfully implement these systems that generate business success through operational efficiency. Jeri is a qualified accountant and has been training to an expert level on Xero and numerous Add-ons for over 6 years.