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Interview with David Tuck, Co-founder of Chaser


Interviewing David Tuck was such an amazing experience.

David embodies all that I love about the Xero ecosystem – passion, transparency, innovation and sharing success. David shared with me how he came up with the idea for Chaser, how he and his team was able to grow Chaser so successfully globally in such a short period of time. I’d love to thank David again for his genuine sharing to help others learn from his amazing journey…

I remember receiving Issue 2 of XU Magazine. A smiling face with a bright orange t-shirt beaming from the pages. If you haven’t had the pleasure of knowing about Chaser yet, Chaser is a Xero Add-on that tackles the pain of late payment by automating the process of credit control to get cash into your bank account. Chaser does this through a series of features that create a personalised experience for the receiver (being chased for late payment) so they feel like you (the person owed money) are personally chasing them – politely. Chaser’s motto is ‘Polite Persistence Pays’. I think this sums up Chaser perfectly. I interviewed David for over an hour, which is about 24 pages of script, so here I will pull out the highlights to share with you. If you want to watch the whole interview, you can do so over at WhichAddOn.com. Simply Google ‘chaser interview whichaddon’ and you will find the full interview.

Hi David. Thank you so much for joining me today. I am really keen to have a chat with you about everything ‘Chaser’ but especially about your recent win as the Add-on of the year at Xero con UK. So, Welcome!

Thank you very much for having me Jeri.

Alright, Let’s have a bit about what Chaser does as an Add-on and really where it came from? Walk through the journey of where you came from, all the way to that great achievement of Xero Add-on of the Year.

We launched on 19th August 2014. My background is in accounts and as a CFO so I trained in practice and headed up the finance team for a succession of small and medium businesses. I had the good fortune to start working with Xero in one of those jobs and that was my first move into technology as a business, so I got to learn a bit about software and the idea of what is now Chaser was born from there.

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Jeri Murphy, WhichAddon.com

Jeri Murphy is the co-founder of WhichAddon.com and regularly interviews founders, experts and influential people in the Xero ecosystem with one purpose: to educate Xero advisors and business users on how to find the right Add-on and successfully implement these systems that generate business success through operational efficiency. Jeri is a qualified accountant and has been training to an expert level on Xero and numerous Add-ons for over 6 years.