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The new competitive advantage for accountants


Over the next few years the number of small business adopting cloud computing will double. It’s changing the business world and it’s bringing significant changes to the accounting world. Now more than ever, small business owners are gaining control of their business data and connecting previously separate business systems.

This access to information means that small business owners can better understand their core issues, but putting together a personalized system can be complex. Their problems are businessfirst, technology second, so whom do they turn to? The most common response: their accountant.

Small Businesses Most Trusted Advisors

Accountants are in a unique and enviable position to offer their clients an evergrowing range of business advice and services. But new competitors threaten this opportunity and accountants need novel ways to adapt and grow their practice.

The key to growth comes from serving customers as a trusted advisor in areas that stretch beyond finance. An accountant’s understanding of business models, cash flow and business growth can be augmented with an understanding of the web apps and tools that can bring systems together for small business owners.

To best serve your clients as an advisor you need to diagnose what ails them and prescribe a package that serves their unique set of needs. Xero sits at the centre of this package.

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About the author

Blaine Bertsch, Dryrun

Blaine is the Founder of Dryrun, a scenario based cash flow tool and Xero add-on. With over 15 years as an entrepreneur and a decade as an agency owner in the creative industry, Blaine’s spent nearly all of his professional life on the front lines of small business. He’s earned both Bachelor of Design and Master of Design degrees from the University of Alberta.