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Working from the ski slopes


At WorkflowMax, we love that our software enables businesses to get their projects done no matter where in the world they are…

With winter approaching here in New Zealand, it’s that time of year when you start thinking about hitting the slopes. I’m definitely feeling the urge to, in my husbands words, “strap planks of wood to my feet and hurl myself off a mountain.”

My husband, being more sensible, is keen to sit by a fire in the chalet and read some good books.

But how will you get your fix of skiing and fire-sitting with all the work that has to get done?

Well, one option is to set yourself up to work remotely from the slopes. That way, you can fit your skiing in around your meetings and enjoy the season without the office falling apart.

With WorkflowMax and Xero, this is totally achievable. Here are our top ten tips and tools for working remotely from the ski slopes.

1. Rent a Space

If you’re going to be working from a ski town, you’re going to need some accommodation. You could try using airbnb.com to find what you need. On Airbnb, locals rent out their spare rooms, spaces and homes to travellers. You can choose anything from a room in someone’s house to a fully-furnished apartment.

You can chat with the owner and ask questions about internet availability and parking spaces before you book. If you’re trying to save on accommodation, look for rentals outside the main ski towns.

You’ll usually get a bigger place, and you can sublet any additional space to ski bunnies — there’s always someone looking for a place to stay.

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