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Xero UK Head of Accounting

Written by Paul Bulpitt

At Xerocon London 2016, we recorded a series of interviews. We decided that this one would be great in print…

Hi Paul, as the Head of Accounting for Xero in the UK, Can you tell me what your role involves?

Lots. Gary invited me in to this role, to really help Xero in the UK with their strategies – specifically with the accounting partner channel and small businesses. On a day to day basis, I’m running a fast growing accounting firm, working with small businesses every day, so I have a degree of insight that I can bring into Xero in terms of opinions on product, marketing and other such things.


You mentioned your fast growing accounting firm, The Wow Company, which is a Xero Platinum Partner and exclusively uses Xero. The Wow Company was around before Xero took off in the UK though, so how did you first hear about Xero?

That’s a really fascinating story! In 2009, we had a client at Wow who’d moved to Australia and he’d heard of this kiwi software product. On one of his trips back, we were in a bar with some friends and he said “Listen, you have to do this! It’s the Future!” I’d love to claim some degree of genius myself, but we’re extremely lucky that this guy recommended Xero to us. We’ve never really looked back. Previously, (pre-Xero if you like) there were Spreadsheets, there was Desktop Software and it was actually very difficult to offer the level of service that we wanted to. With Xero, it was really an overnight transformation. It transformed our business overnight. That was 2009 and I think since then every year we’ve pretty much had double digit growth. For the last four years we’ve had compact growth of about 30% a year (which is a lot) and that’s all off the back of Xero.

How long did it take the Wow Company to go from having not heard of Xero to using Xero exclusively?

Good question! I suppose in totality it took about two years, but the bulk of it was done overnight. I think the most important decision was that we were going to go all in on Xero and saying ‘if you want to be a Wow client, you have to use Xero.’ We didn’t rip other products, other desktop software out of their business straight away, because this sort of stuff has an impact; there was definitely a point though where any new client we took on had to be on Xero, had to be on our platform, had to match our way of doing things.

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About the author

Paul Bulpitt

Paul is the UK Head of Accounting for Xero, and the co-founder of Xero platinum partner firm The Wow Company.