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From catwalks to organics, how this SMB took advantage of the Add-on network

Written by Leigh Dunsford

How Brett Monaghan solved the cash flow gap…

When Brett Monaghan made the decision to leave the world of high fashion photography, including the catwalks of Milan, Paris, and Madrid, he dreamed of moving back to Australia and starting his own organics business, away from the fast paced lifestyle. “I wanted to play a role leading into the realm of really healthy food, that tastes just as great as it is healthy.” One of Brett’s first tasks was to ensure that he had the right technology, to bring efficiency and scalability, without disrupting growth.

Cloud accounting was the first obvious choice for Brett’s organic manufacturing and wholesale business, as he mapped out how each system might work together from accounting, inventory, fulfilment and, eventually, finance. With cloud software being the only logical way to establish business systems for growth, Eclipse Organics was born with the help of his business partner.

“Without the skills that both Jonny and I brought into this business, we would have found it nearly impossible. We have done most things ourselves. From Images and packaging design, to our internal file- maker production system. Without this, we would not have been able to play so soon.”

Brett and his business partner, like most start-ups, need to wear many hats, so choosing systems that integrate with each other, and are accessible from any location, was critical.

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Leigh Dunsford

Leigh is a co-founder of Waddle, the easiest way to get funds advanced against your unpaid invoices, simply by linking your Xero account. Waddle is the first, fully-integrated cashflow optimisation tool, offered as an invoice financing Add-on. The Waddle team is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Before Waddle, Leigh ran a traditional, invoice-factoring company.