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“It’s not just about cutting costs, it’s about increasing productivity.”


Tim Hoopmann on the Time Tracking Revolution in Bookkeeping…

Fresh from a 6,000km coast-to-coast trip between Sydney and Perth, Tim Hoopmann says he cannot imagine going back to the days before mobile apps. “I look back when everything was manual and paper-based and I wonder, how did I survive doing that? Because now I have way more time to actually run my business.”

Tim’s business is Cornerstone Bookkeeping, which he describes as 100 percent cloud-based. “Everything we do internally, and everything we do for our customers, is driven by cloud computing,” he explains.

His enthusiasm for being able to work anywhere, anytime, is irrepressible. Tim works as hard as any business owner. He is no workaholic, though. His other great passion, besides technology, is his firm belief in the importance of having a good work-life balance. The secret to this, he says, is productivity.

Work smarter, not longer

“All I need while I’m on the road is my iPhone and iPad,” Tim reveals. “I can sit in a cafe, somebody else’s office, or a hotel, and I can connect with my team, exactly as if I was in my office.” This gives him the freedom to go out and look for new business, to network, and run his business on the go. In short, it helps him make the very best use of his time.

Technology is not the only thing that business owners like Tim require. To run a business effectively — no matter where that business takes you — you also need to have a great team behind you that you can rely on. When he is recruiting, Tim says the quality he looks for, above all, is passion. You may be able to learn the skills you need to provide a good service, but to provide a great service, it takes an extra spark that cannot be taught.

“I need people in my business who are really passionate about technology, cloud accounting, and helping customers to improve their processes and save time. We are all about saving the customer time and money, and working out how to do things smarter for them. So I am very clear about accountability, integrity, and ownership, and these values have helped me get the right people on board.”

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Anna Cochrane, Business Development Manager, TSheets

Anna ran her own bookkeeping business prior to joining Xero in 2011 and continued in the technology efficiency space, by moving to Receipt Bank three years later. This year she became TSheets’ business development manager, based in the Time Tracking and Employee Scheduling app’s Sydney office.