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Keeping up with your client


Being the trusted advisor to your clients can be a roller coaster ride. There is always something happening, from raising cash-flow, to sudden changes in business focus…

Over the years, you have had a ringside seat, as your client’s business has grown, faced challenges and relied on your advice. With so many things to juggle, you worry you will lose your advisory role if you do not come up with something fresh and inspiring. Relying on financial statements and historic data alone no longer cuts the mustard.

There is no need to worry, though. Here are three things you can do, right now, to cement your place as the trusted advisor:

1. Report on key business metrics. Over the years, your client has diversified their business activities. To ensure these ventures provide the best return, you need to do more than look at standard Profit & Loss reports. Each business has KPIs and metrics that are specific and relevant to that industry. Reporting on industry KPIs will give you the clearest picture of how each business is really performing, as well as showing you where improvements can be made.

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About the author

Nik George, Product Manager, Spotlight Reporting

Nik George is the Product Manager of Spotlight Reporting. Nik previously worked as an Accountant at a boutique CA firm and Xero Gold Partner (Francis Consulting) before moving to Spotlight Reporting in 2011.