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Number Nurses are back!

Number Nurses

Things have been a little hushed for Number Nurses in the past year, following the passing of the Chief Number Nurse, Gayle Buchanan…

The creative ball of energy was well known for launching the coolest bookkeeping business model in cyberspace and she planned to take her vision global.

Big dreams were transforming into reality when Gayle became unwell and was taken away to a bigger Number Nurse station – beyond the reach of her family and colleagues but to never be forgotten.

People who knew and loved Gayle, will completely understand that she would want her entrepreneurial legacy to go on – helping businesses tidy up their little messes and relieving the pain of paperwork.

Kirsten Hawke, head honcho of Business Buddy, had frequently been in cahoots with Gayle and the pair shared similar collaborative business philosophies.

With the blessing of Gayle’s family and supporters, Kirsten has bought the Number Nurses brand and it has now franchised.

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Jackie Russell, Chatterbox PR.

Jackie is the big cheese at Chatterbox PR. She works with number crunching companies who are transforming their business model in response to the evolution of techie business tools. As a remote worker advocate, Jackie is eagerly anticipating the day she can meet clients’ deadlines from an office at the beach, a yacht in New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf or any other spectacular settings.