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The value of FREE services


If you don’t pay then you don’t pay attention…

Offering services for free, or telling clients “that’s free of charge” or “I’ll do that for free,” can seem like a simple way to add value (or to market yourself.) But is it doing more harm than good? 

Over the years, I’ve used this technique; but in recent times (after lots of listening and learning) I’ve realised that ‘free’ generally gives the perception of ‘worthless’. Further, I also find that if you don’t pay, you don’t pay attention.

Think about your own perception of FREE. I’m personally quite sceptical of FREE services, and I usually find they’re inferior and a waste of my precious time.

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About the author

Jeannie Doherty, Owner and Operator, Cloud 9 Bookkeeping

Jeannie is a BAS agent, cloud integrator and business all-rounder. She owns and operates Cloud 9 Bookkeeping + Strategy on the Gold Coast in Queensland and has a team of 9. She is a self-confessed software nerd and keen futurist who loves the ever changing economic landscape. She was raised by successful Aussie entrepreneurs, is a little bit of a workaholic and also a busy mum.