XU Magazine - Issue 08

Xero for charities: Is Xero right for charitable organisations?

Written by Richard Smith

Whilst Xero is primarily directed at businesses, charities can gain enormous benefits by switching…

Time is money – for businesses, and for your charity, money is often more scarce and needs to be targeted towards the beneficiaries. Whilst the monthly cost of Xero – even at the discounted charity rates – is still a bottom line cost, it does mean you can enable your staff and volunteers to spend less time doing the books, and more time focusing on the purposes of the charity.

Simple time savings

Bank feeds are an obvious advantage, ensuring accurate, up to date bank information. There will be no double entering of information with associated typos and missed records. Quick coding of transactions is a related advantage. The books for many organisations can be up to date in minutes if performed regularly. Capturing expenses, including photos of receipts from staff and those

normally stuffed into shoe-boxes, saves hours in tracking down errors and getting copies! Preparing end of year accounts for the accountant is mostly done prior to the year ending, ensuring a reduced bill and providing up-to-date information throughout the year for those monthly committee meetings.

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About the author

Richard Smith

Richard is the founder and technical lead for infoodle, a Xero Add-On for the Charity sector. With experience in NGOs in Europe, Africa and New Zealand, he brings his technical expertise and software skills to this important sector to organisations around the world. He is one of those geeks who can translate tech into English!