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How to set up Approvals for Purchase Orders and Bills

How to set up approvals for purchase orders and bills - Konstantin Bredyuk

Finance managers strive to have Purchase Orders and Bills approved before processing. Key is having proper document routing in place to ensure the approval by managers with the appropriate level of authority. Here is how ApprovalMax enables that…

Be that a Purchase Order, a Bill, a Sales Invoice or any other accounting document – they will most likely require to be approved or validated before processing. Approvals vary depending on the business type, the company’s size and organisational structure as well as the country’s specifics for compliance and legal regulations. What all cases have in common is the need of having the accounting document approved timely and by someone strictly in line with the defined authorization level.

Common issues with approvals are finance managers having to chase Approvers with emails or print-outs, unclear approval flows – especially in the case of multi-step approvals, and insufficient background information requiring Approvers to get back to whoever initiated the accounting document for clarification. All this makes the approval process lengthy and messy, causing a headache for the finance manager and a loss of money for the company.

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Konstantin Bredyuk, CEO & Cofounder, ApprovalMax

As an experienced BPM expert, Konstantin has a strong focus on design and development of Business Applications which support Human Workflows. He is Co-founder and CEO at ApprovalMax, known for simple and easy to configure approval workflows in finance.