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Making sense of ‘time tracking’

Making sense of time tracking - Jared Armstrong

When we started MinuteDock in 2009, we were the first ‘time tracking’ app integrated with Xero. But, if you’ve been to Xerocon or visited the Xero App Marketplace recently, one of the things you’ve probably noticed is that there are now quite a number of different ‘time tracking’ products. How do you know where to start?

Time tracking software will often end up being a major part of the front-office
workflow for a small business. This is because keeping track of what staff are doing is critical in day-to-day running of the business. That said, the things people actually do, how they do it and the reason for keeping track of it all varies wildly between industries. Although there is some overlap between industries and how their day-to-day works, there are unique aspects to each one.

“Time tracking” as a software category is very broad. Different products target these very different industries, and are built to handle the core and unique aspects for each.

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About the author

Jared Armstrong, Founder & CEO, MinuteDock

Jared is the founder and CEO of MinuteDock – the top rated time tracking software for Xero. MinuteDock is a Kiwi company like Xero, but Jared is currently working from London. You can pick up a free trial of MinuteDock and a special offer of 50% off your first 3 months at minutedock.com/ xumag