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Managing the spending of a fast-growing and distributed business using approval workflows

Managing the spending - Abeeda Khan

In the four years since our launch in 2012, our online cab hailing service Careem has grown into a multinational transportation network, serving 10 countries and 25 cities across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.

It is our mission to connect people and cities via a simple technology-enabled, real-time driving platform. We have brought passengers and drivers together, resulting in a safer and more accessible transport option in the region.

It’s fair to say that since its inception, Careem has truly blossomed. But as any fast-growing company will attest, there are a number of challenges that inevitably crop up as business operations are scaled.

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About the author

Abeeda Khan, Accounting Manager, Careem

Born in UAE, raised in Pakistan and CPA with a post qualification from Australia. With her diverse background and 6 years spent in Accounting and Finance start-ups, Abeeda is well aware of the growth in the marketplace.

A strong sense of business need, and hunger for excellence, motivates Abeeda to be looking for new challenges both within the organisation and externally.