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Solopreneur Bookkeeping 101

Solopreneur bookkeeping 101 - Jeannie Doherty

The speed, simplicity & mobility of Xero means Solopreneur’s can elect to do their own bookkeeping while they still have the time.

Here are my 4 rules for Solopreneurs to live by while doing their own bookkeeping:

1. Keep business and personal separate

I can’t stress this enough. If you’re already combining them then PLEASE begin separating them now by having one bank account for business income / expenses & keeping anything personal out of it. Be strict with this. If I use a business account for a personal expense I literally log in and transfer the money back to the business so it’s a non-event.

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About the author

Jeannie Doherty, Owner and Operator, Cloud 9 Bookkeeping

Jeannie is a BAS agent, cloud integrator and business all-rounder. She owns and operates Cloud 9 Bookkeeping + Strategy on the Gold Coast in Queensland and has a team of 9. She is a self-confessed software nerd and keen futurist who loves the ever changing economic landscape. She was raised by successful Aussie entrepreneurs, is a little bit of a workaholic and also a busy mum.