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Why do you need an accountant with Xero?

Why do you need an accountant with Xero - Asem Din

It’s a question we’ve heard a few times when discussing the benefits of Xero to our clients. At first we were a little taken aback – perhaps unprepared that our clients couldn’t see the benefits that modern software could bring them.

That question was initially difficult to articulate a response to, but when you think through it the advantages are huge.

Xero brings a completely new level of ease and integration to your processes.

It offers invoicing and reconciliation tools that aren’t in place in a lot of large organisations.

It brings payroll and human resource management together with integrated financials, and on top of all that, if you can’t find what you need you just visit the Xero marketplace and find the module that works for you.

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Asem Din, Adds Accounting

I’m a CIMA qualified accountant, and I’ve been in the world of Finance 10 years. Before that I had a background in retail operations & management.

I’ve worked in a range of high street names across various sectors; HMV, Somerfield, Lloyds Bank, BT, and for various private companies, including private equity and traded companies.