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Why every nonprofit needs a CRM

Why every nonprofit needs a CRM - Marta Bright

Nonprofits do some pretty amazing work, for what is often very little personal reward. They are the helpers, the rescuers, the change makers and the community leaders…

Nonprofits are vital, and usually staffed with people who carry strong convictions and a desire to help those around them. Of course they have different needs than a corporation or a business. Often they’re reliant on grants, private donations and support from the community to keep afloat.

Nonprofits have different concerns and infrastructures as well. They’re usually trying to maximize their productivity and get as much done on a shoestring budget. Boards govern most nonprofits, working to make sure the organization is well managed and the goals are always aligned with their mission to serve.

When it comes to data, then, it’s logical to think nonprofits probably have very different needs. After all, a CRM is concerned about customer data and making sales, right? Would software for “customers” really serve organizations where customers aren’t part of the equation?

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Marta Bright, Content Manager, Insightly

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