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Xero multi-currency takes accounting global

Xero multi-currency takes accounting global - Blake Oliver

Whether we like it or not, globalization is here to stay…. For many industries, such as manufacturing, it’s already a done deal. As Thomas Friedman pointed out more
than ten years ago, The World is Flat — and these trends are only accelerating.

To survive, businesses must be ready to trade in a global marketplace. That’s why a modern accounting system needs to have built-in features such as real-time exchange rates, which enables business owners to understand currency exposure risks and make quick, yet informed business decisions.

Xero’s cloud accounting engine was built with multi-currency at the core of the general ledger. This means everything works in harmony, without the need to compromise

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About the author

Blake Oliver, Accountant & Consultant

This year, CPA Practice Advisor named him an accounting industry 40 Under 40 honoree or 2016.

He’s a Xero Ambassador for the U.S. West Coast. So he spends about 50% of his time working with Xero to help accountants and bookkeepers succeed. One way he does that is by curating Cloud Accounting Weekly,
an industry newsletter for accountants and bookkeepers. Another way is by speaking at events and teaching workshops.